April It Girl Estefi Gorrin


1. What's your, name, age, and hometown?
My names Estefi Gorrin, I'm 19, and my hometown is Boston
2. One item in your closet you could not live without?
An item I can't live without is definitely denim, all my denim is precious to me
3. Who's your style icon?
My style icons are all anime characters lol, usually all the gals from Megazone 23
4. Celebrity crush?
Matthew McConaughey
5. Describe how you think you'll dress this summer.
I'll probably dress in windbreakers, old denim shorts and boots in the summer. The heat can't hold me back!
6. Which Spirited Away character do you relate with most?
I think I'm probably Rin because my sister is 100% Chihiro and I gotta be a bit tough on her
7. Where's your favorite place in the world?
My favorite place on Earth is the entire state of California. There isn't a thing you won't find there. 
8. One trend you hate?
I hate the current "pretend to love anime to be relevant" trend. Ugh, either like it or not! The world doesn't have time for posers!!! 
9. Favorite item from Sic Transit Gloriaa?
Oh my so many favorites. Hmm, currently crushing on my Haku Love tee though !!
10. What other time period and place would you live in if time travel was possible?
I'd probably live in the West Coast during the New Wave period (late 70s early 80s) the clothing was all super cheesy, colorful, and futuristic which I swoon over. The anime was the best there ever was. And the music was just as good! You would probably find me roller skating on the Santa Monica Peer with a super bright windbreaker!

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